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Children’s 4-in-1 Double Sided Easel

Children’s 4-in-1 Double Sided Easel

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Take a look at our Children’s 4-in-1 Double Sided Easel. Keep your children entertained for hours with this versatile, multipurpose easel. Designed for children who love to play, draw, paint, and learn. With its natural solid pinewood frame, it can seamlessly fit into any bedroom and playroom.

Easels can enhance your child’s development. For example, by holding pens or chalk it will help develop your child’s fine motor skills. Your child can also help their gross motor skills through upper arm movements.  Enhance their cognitive skills as they can learn the alphabet using the supplied magnetic letters to spell their name.

Easels are also a great way for young children to begin mark making (drawing lines and scribbling) – this is a significant first step in children learning to write and helps develop imagination.

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