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Coconut Leaf Fruit Bowl Sets of 3 - Chocolate

Coconut Leaf Fruit Bowl Sets of 3 - Chocolate

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Coconut Leaf Fruit Bowls Set of three, made from an actual coconut leaf, a special type that can be reformed and bent into shapes when heated. Each leaf is a unique natural product and each has a slightly different size and shape. Bring nature inside with these absolutely beautiful (and affordable) natural works of art.  You can create an exotic table decoration with these coconut leaf fruit bowl sets, there are easy to clean, just use a damp sponge or cloth.

Sold in sets of three in Whitewash, Natural and Chocolate

Please note: These product are made from natural materials so the exact colour and finish will vary.  Each is slightly different, therefore unique.

Sizes: Large 40x20cm, Medium 30x15cm and Small 25x11cm. 

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