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Personalised Engraved Lid Sweetie Jar - Glass

Personalised Engraved Lid Sweetie Jar - Glass

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Our Sweetie Jar is from high-quality glass & features a classic design with a twist – a custom-engraved lid. Whether it’s “Mum’s Sweet Treats” or “Dad’s Secret Stash,” this personalised touch adds a special and exclusive element to their favourite goodies.

This Sweet jar is of sturdy construction and ensures that it is not only a beautiful gift but also a practical addition to any kitchen or home decor. Whether they display it proudly on the countertop or keep it tucked away as a hidden treasure, this jar will soon become a favourite addition to the home!

Please note: Contents not included


  • 1.1L Capacity: 1.1 Litre Width: 10cm Depth: 10cm Height: 16cm
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